It is difficult in the unbounded infinite internet to find a definitive source of anything, let alone, Doctor’s to provide Abortion services. One visiting ( will discover several hundred providers of abortion and reproductive services.

The Doctor’s offices listed in this very special directory are either (or both) members of A) The National Abortion Federation (NAF) and/or B) The National Coalition of Abortion Providers (NCAP). The former performs inspections of and validates the providers by a wide variety of processes. Providers, Medical & Surgical doctors, on have been licensed by their respective State licensing boards. The majority are board certified Obstetricians & Gynecologists. In a world where one has great difficulty validating who their doctor is, it is a relief to know that there is validation by 1) The state licensing boards, 2) Independent organizations, often nonprofit, NAF, NCAP, and The Abortion Conversation Project. These organizations often have as their sole mission the advocacy of reproductive rights and routinely defend the rights of women for their self determination on a daily basis.

One should be thankful that such organizations exist as so few individuals are actively seeking the protection of our civil liberties in this fashion.