obama_time_coverIt is a hallmark moment in the history of our country. I will not opine exetensively now. Only absorb, the moment, and hope that the polarizations of the past can now be united. As we are all Americans. We must unite, despite differences in our opinions.

This, laid out by Hamilton, and Madison, is the foundation of our society. Those efforts hold true today.

The reproductive rights of women may be safeguarded for a few more years.

As the bigotry and racism of the past seems to die off in their receptacles, a new, bolder, visionary leader of our country emerges.

Let’s hope that our new president will have have united support of the nation to facebush-george the difficult challenges inherited that have been laid in his lap by 8 years of some of the worst management of our country in it’s history.

It would be impossible to describe the litany of mismanagement, ENRON style that this country has suffered so terribly under the Bush nepotism. An apology is in order.

Nepotism. This is a country of merit. A meritocracy. How did the son of a past president with mediocre credentials get so far. A drunk, not very intelligent, one o f the poorest leaders our country has ever had.  Sad.

Nepotism. How could out of hundreds of millions of Americans could the son of a president so soon become president himself.  This is not the example of a meritocracy.

Please, opine. There must be someone intelligent enough to describe this unbelievable mess this past administration has reaked upon our formerly prosperous nation, a nation that no longer has the moral leadership, and respect.  This will all have to be won back.

I can only hope our new president is up to the daunting task of fixing 8 years of utter failed policy.

An utter discgrace to the history of our proud nation, only renewed by the wisdom of the people and their choice to change the course of pathetic ways.