Over the last few days, Court TV ran the trial of Scott Roeder, the man who killed Doctor Tiller while he served as an usher in his church.   Roeder says that he killed Tiller to “save babies.”   That got me to thinking.

A number of doctors who provided abortion services have been killed over the years, but does anyone really think that murdering an abortion provider will “save babies?”    I think not.

A woman makes an appointment to have an abortion.   Probably ninety nine percent of the time, they have no idea who the doctor is.   After all, for the most part they will only see him or her for a few minutes during the procedure.   Let’s say a woman has an appointment on a Tuesday and, on Monday, the doctor is killed.    Does anyone really think that that woman will change her mind about having an abortion?      No way.

What the woman will do is go to the Yellow Pages or the Internet and look under “abortion” and seek another abortion provider.    She will then make an appointment and ultimately have her abortion.   That “baby,” despite the murder of the original doctor, will not have been “saved.”

Sure, if the doctor was in South Dakota, where there is only one doctor, then it means the woman will have to travel further to procure her abortion.    But, as we learned when abortion was illegal in most states, women will go to incredible lengths to terminate their pregnancy.   There was a time when women were flying across the country to states like New York or California, spending thousands of dollars, to find a doctor who would perform an abortion.  Or, worse, women resorted to self-induced abortions, oftentimes resulting in serious health problems or even death.

The fact is that abortion providers exist because there is a need for abortion providers.    These doctors are taking incredible risks to help women.   They should be congratulated every day.