So, Focus on the Family, a national anti-abortion group, is going to run a television commercial during the Super Bowl.  It apparently stars University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and reportedly conveys a “pro-life” message.     In response, the national pro-choice organizations are screaming foul, it’s not fair, it’s a political decision to air it, blah, blah, blah.   Ironically, by complaining so much about it they are probably guaranteeing that it will get a larger audience.     

I am already growing weary of the noise from the pro-choicers.  Think about it.  They are complaining about an organization that a) thought of the idea and b) raised enough money to pay for the ad.    Why didn’t the pro-choice movement do the same?   With their national base of support, they could have raised millions of dollars to do an ad advocating their position.  This reminds me of the stink pro-choicers put up about the “Choose Life” license plates.  In certain states, you can buy this special plate for an extra fee and the money will go to pro-life counseling centers.  The pro-life movement accomplished this by persuading their legislatures to make it law.  What a concept!  Yet, the pro-choice movement complained.  My question is:  why isn’t the pro-choice movement trying to get “Pro-Choice” license plates?      

I am also not going to buy the argument that CBS, in allowing the Tebow ad, is showing its conservative colors because sometime in the past they rejected a pro-gay rights ad.  Instead of whining about how unfair it is, the pro-choice movement should be busting its butt to raise the political stakes, to make it so that rejecting a pro-choice ad in the future would be politically and economically unpalatable. 

Quit complaining, take the bull by the horns, organize, lobby, raise money, speak up for ABORTION rights and, while I’m at it, get rid of that “choice” nonsense.  The younger generation does not know what “choice” means, but they know what abortion is – so let’s talk about it and let’s start putting a commercial together for next year’s Super Bowl.