So what was the hullabaloo all about? 

 I mean, did anyone even see that “pro-life” commercial that aired during the Super Bowl?  

For weeks, the condemnations were flying, CBS was attacked, there were accusations of unfair treatment, national editorials, etc., etc.    For what?   For that dumb little commercial that aired once in the first quarter?  

It happened all so fast.  I was getting a bowl of (non-buttered) popcorn when I saw Tim Tebow, the University of Florida quarterback who had caused all the commotion.  As far as I could tell, the commercial didn’t even mention abortion!   All I could see was Tebow and his lovely mom.  I thought I heard him (or her) say something about “life.” 

This whole controversy started when the national pro-choice groups cried “foul” without even seeing the commercial.  I gotta be honest – I grow weary of the national groups that represent both sides of the abortion issue.  They have absolutely nothing to do except to sling arrows at each other through the media.  The scream and yell and, when they are inevitably “attacked,” they send out a fundraising letter asking their supporters to help “defend us from these pernicious attacks”   Then the money rolls in and they put probably 80 percent of what they raised back into the fundraising machine. 

For me, I “choose” to admire those in the trenches.  That means the doctors and clinic staff who help thousands of women every day.  And, yes, it means those true pro-lifers who put their money where their mouth is, i.e., those who actually adopt children or help a woman who has decided to have their baby.  There are well intentioned people on both sides of this contentious issue.  They are the ones to be congratulated.    

As for the national groups, put a sock in it.