Well, here’s a new one…

It seems that a bill has been introduced in the Georgia legislature that would make it a crime “to solicit a woman to have an abortion based on the race or sex of the unborn child.”   And, to promote the legislation, the Georgia Right to Life Committee has posted billboards throughout the state with a picture of a black baby and a caption reading “Black children are an endangered species.”  It then mentions a website entitled www.toomanyaborted.com.

So, when I read this, then read it again, I sat back, looked out the window and started to think…. 

Do women really abort because of race?  In fact, when an ultrasound is performed, can you even tell the race of the baby?    If that were even possible, would a white woman who has had sex with a black man ask about the race and abort it if she did not want a black baby?  Or visa versa with a black woman and a white man?   Is that what happens in the real world?   

What about an abortion based on sex?   Now that is one that I presume might happen as there are some cultures that prefer one sex over the other.   Do abortion doctors even ask the woman why she is aborting?  

And, the more I look at the language of the bill, it says it is illegal “to solicit a woman…..”    Are there abortion doctors out there who are “soliciting” women to have abortions based on race or sex?     

I am not sure what Georgia Right to Life is trying to do here.  Do they really care that the majority of abortions in their state are performed on minorities?    Or are they trying to promote some kind of race war?  It’s all very strange to me.   Still, I would rather have them waste their time on silliness like this than some legislation that would truly harm the pro-choice movement.   And I would love to hear from a supporter of the bill to give me more details.