I want to take a moment to pay tribute to the doctors who perform abortions in this country and their dedicated staff. 

They go to their clinics every day, not knowing if a bomb has been planted under the shrubbery or if there is an assassin waiting in the parking lot.   They are subjected to verbal abuse when they enter their facility.  They have had to deal with midnight phone calls to their homes and anonymous threatening letters.

Most of them could be working in a less intense and safer environment, but they have decided to put their own lives on the line for women in need.     Since 1973, when abortion became legal in this country, they have seen millions of women who not only needed abortion services but other reproductive health services as well.   They have spent hours upon hours counseling women, making sure that they have thought through their decision.  They have advised them on their birth control options, the goal being that they do not want to see them again.  Most of the time they are successful, sometimes they are not. 

To make these services accessible, they have artificially kept the price of this medical procedure as low as possible to the point where the fee in some clinics is what is was in 1973.  Some clinics will offer free services in special circumstances.

These are amazing men and women who have saved thousands and thousands of lives.   

I applaud their efforts.