Let’s talk for a moment about laws that require parents to give their consent before a minor has an abortion.

Proponents of these laws argue that, to foster relations between the parents and the girl, the parents should be involved in this important decision.  Personally, I believe the purpose is to discourage the young girl from talking to her parents about an abortion and to force her to ultimately have the baby.       

But let’s say that a minor becomes pregnant, she tells her parents – and the parents want the girl to have an abortion.  If the pro-life movement insists on the parents being part of this decision process, what do they say if the parents want the abortion and convince the girl that it’s the right decision?      


I’ve talked to a lot of clinic staff over the years and I’m told that it is not an unusual occurrence for the parents to try to force their daughter into having an abortion.  The reasons are many, but the main one seems to be that they know their daughter is not ready to have a child and they do not want to become the de facto parents of the grandchild. 

A few years ago in Florida, a mother forced her daughter, at gunpoint, to go to a clinic for an abortion.  Fortunately, clinic staff discovered what was happening when they counseled the girl and they refused to perform the abortion.   The mother was ultimately arrested.

So, if the purpose of these parental consent laws is to foster parent-child communications, what does the pro-life movement say when the parents want the abortion and ultimately convince their daughter to have one?