For the last week or so, I’ve had a running debate on another Facebook page with a woman who suggests that if women had an ultrasound, then they would never consider having an abortion.   In some states, there are bills pending that would require ultrasounds in every clinic before an abortion. 

Years ago, I visited a clinic and, with the permission of the women, followed several of them through the abortion process.   The vast majority of the women were in their first trimester but, at one point, I was accompanying a woman who was 20 weeks pregnant. 

Before seeing the doctor, we entered a small room with a ultrasound machine.  My pulse started to quicken when I realized that a sonogram was going to be performed.  The nurse turned on the machine, lifted the woman’s blouse up, put on the gel and placed the instrument on the woman’s stomach.  I looked at the sonogram and clearly saw the baby.  I am using the term “baby” because if it were wanted, that’s what it would be called and, well, to me it looked like a baby. 

There ensued a discussion about what they were seeing on the monitor.  At one point, the woman asked if it was a boy or a girl and she was told a boy.  It was an almost surreal moment for me and I waited for the woman to say that she would not have the abortion.  

Then, the nurse asked her if she was okay and wanted to proceed and, without hesitation, the woman calmly said “yes.” 

A reputable clinic will have ultrasound machines and when women are asked if they want to have a sonogram, some say yes and some say no.  Some look at the ultrasound and express surprise that the fetus is not as developed as they thought, ironically making them feel even better about their decision.   And I have no doubt that some women ultimately decide to not have the abortion.  

The providers of abortion services have absolutely nothing to hide.  That is because they trust women to be able to make an intelligent, personal decision.