A short while ago, a woman filmed herself having a non-surgical abortion (the abortion pill, mifepristone or RU486) and placed her experience on YouTube, Twitter, and other Social Media, etc.   It has gained national exposure.

Her reasoning was to show the public that there is no shame in having an abortion.  Unfortunately, while abortion has been legal since 1973 and over one million women a year have an abortion, there is still a stigma attached to the procedure and even to the medical term abortion.   While there are many national pro-choice groups, one organization, the Abortion Care Network (ACN), has focused most of its resources on encouraging women to speak up about their abortion experience in the hopes that the more women speak, the more “acceptable” the procedure will become.  They are to be applauded.

Thousands of people a day read this blog.  Thousands of you have had abortions.

I’d like to use this forum to encourage women to reply to this post and talk about their abortion experience.   And, yes, if you had a bad experience (see my previous postings on “Bad Doctors”), please let us know.

The more you talk, and experiences are shared, the more people will understand.