I was watching a television show recently where a pro-choice person was asked if abortion was “murder.”

The pro-choicer stuttered and stammered, clearly uncomfortable with the question and possibly the answer in her head.   I think she epitomized the pro-choice movement in general which has stumbled over inflammatory words for many years. 

We know abortion is not “murder” because murder is a legal term and the Supreme Court has sanctioned the use of abortion. 

But is not abortion a form of killing?  

Let’s face it.   Something is alive in the woman’s body when the woman enters the clinic and it is not alive when she leaves. 

How do you define that act?   Can “killing” actually be good (e.g., in times of war, some people support the death penalty)?    

It’s like the use of the word “baby.”  When women call a clinic, they never say “I cannot have this fetus.”   Instead, they say “I cannot have this baby.”   And when it is a wanted pregnancy, from the minute the woman finds out she is telling everyone that she is having a baby.

Or do the words even matter?