I was bringing my child to her soccer game this morning when I saw a bumper sticker that read:  “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart.”

Being pro-choice, my first response was “oh, geez, another radical anti-choicer.”   But then I started to think a little more about that message and soon came to the conclusion that yes, at some point, abortion does stop a beating heart.

It’s no secret how the fetus develops in the womb.  We’ve all seen the pictures.  If you’ve had a child, you know exactly what I am talking about, especially when you recall your first ultrasound when the technician was showing you the head, the arms, etc. 

At some point, I’m not exactly sure when, the heart starts beating.  And when a woman elects to have an abortion, depending on the stage of the pregnancy, that heart will stop beating.  

So, after thinking this one through my head started spinning.  At first I thought it was because the soccer game went on for nine hours, but more likely it was the realization that a pro-life bumper sticker might be factually correct.

Soon, however, I started to sort it out. 

My thoughts went back to the women, the women that I trust.  They know what they are doing.  They know that they are preventing a life from emerging.  And, yes, they know that at some point that means that a heart has stopped beating. 

It’s all very sad.  In the ideal world every pregnancy would be a wanted pregnancy.  In the ideal world, there would be no need for abortions or the almost equally complicated and sad option – adoption.   Indeed, even giving birth, especially to an unwanted child, is not a perfect option.

The bumper sticker may be accurate.  

But, like most bumper stickers, it insults our intelligence and does not tell the whole story.