I am going to take today off.  

As a child growing up on Long Island, I remember Sunday was always a “day of rest.”  After church (where I did indeed “rest” through Father Sullivan’s entire sermon), we’d go to the bakery and load up on the carbs.  Then, after the late breakfast, we’d take a “Sunday drive” out to my aunt’s house where my aunt and mother would get sloshed.    Ah, those were the days…

So, today I am not going to write about abortion.  I am not going to write about “choice” or about “life.”  I am not going to pose uncomfortable questions to my friends on the “choice” side and I’m not going to query the pro-lifers.   

Instead, today I will read my New York Times.  I will then go out and buy pansies for my flower box.  I might finally go see “Avatar.” 

Later tonight, I might catch up on some pleasurable reading.  My current craze is (are?) the novels of Theodore Dreiser.  

Then, to end the evening I might try to watch that new show on HBO, “The Pacific.”   And, no, I am not getting paid to mention the show. 

I’ll start chiming in tomorrow.  But, for today, I hope everyone has a good day.  The issue of abortion is a tough one and folks on both sides of the issue mean well.  Let’s take today to appreciate how we can have a civil debate on a medium like this one!