Sipping tepid coffee, browsing today’s Washington Post, I ran across a column by Kathleen Parker who suggests that the new healthcare bill will actually allow your federal tax dollars to be used for abortions.  She comes to this conclusion by noting that, under the bill, hundreds of new Community Health Centers (CHC) will be established and the new law does not specifically prohibit those centers from using tax dollars to provide abortions. 

Let’s assume for a moment that she is correct, that the language in the bill is still vague despite clarifying speeches on the floor of the Congress and President Obama’s Executive Order.   Let’s assume there is a loophole!

So, I am the director of a new CHC in Akron, Ohio.  I’m working 90 hours a week, setting up the facility that will provide much-needed services to local residents.  Then, during lunch at IHOP, a clever staff person reminds me that the abortion language in the healthcare bill is a little vague, so why don’t we start doing abortions? 

What about President Obama’s Executive Order?    

Screw him!  There’s a loophole in the law that you can drive a Mack Truck through and his poll numbers are dropping anyway.

But if we performed just one abortion, don’t you think that would make national news? 

Ah, c’mon, it would be a blow for feminism!

Okay, you’ve convinced me.  Let’s roll! 

The staff person starts doing some research and right away discovers thousands of articles about abortion facilities being the target of protestors, bombings and assassination.  She reads about the most recent murder of abortion provider George Tiller.  She reads about death threats being sent to the doctor and to the staff of the clinics.  She learns about staff people being harassed in their local supermarkets.     

But this staff person is tough and she thinks they can make a lot of money performing abortions, so clinic staff will have to be tough as well.    

The next step is to find a doctor who performs abortions.  She soon finds out that the number of doctors who perform abortions has decreased dramatically over the years, perhaps in response to the campaign of terrorism that she discovered in the first phase of her research.   She calls every ob-gyn in the area and finds that none of them even perform abortions.   She reaches out across the state and finds that the 6 or so doctors that do perform abortions are working in two or three clinics, travelling across the state to serve women.  They just don’t have the time to take on another assignment. 

Okay, I’ll find a doctor later, let’s start hiring some staff.  She soon finds out, however, that the pool is limited because she is obligated to tell every staffer that abortions would be performed in that facility.  She is rejected over and over again because some candidates have moral objections or they fear for their life. 

Even if she got through these daunting steps, she would then have to hire security firms to recommend the extraordinary precautions they’d have to take to protect staff.  She’d have to meet with local law enforcement officials to discuss how to handle the potential protestors that would surround the clinic.  

Well, I could go on and on.  Are you getting my point, Ms Parker?

I grow weary of people who just sit back, do some quick Google searches and look at a few legal opinions before opining. 

Abortions in federal health care facilities?   

Get real, will ya?