A few days ago, I wrote about a proposal in Tennessee that would require abortion clinics to post signs in their office reminding women that it is illegal for that clinic to “coerce” a woman into having an abortion.   Turning the tables, there is now a new law in Baltimore which says that “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPC) need to post signs saying that they do not perform or refer women for abortions   The Archdiocese of Baltimore has filed a federal lawsuit against the city.

There are thousands of CPCs across the country.  They are usually referred to as “phony abortion clinics.”  These are facilities staffed by people who oppose abortion.  Many of them were set up with the help of a manual from the Pearson Foundation which gave instructions on how to set up a phony clinic and how to lure women into that facility.  Over the years, their operations have been the subject of congressional hearings, prime time television exposes and numerous lawsuits

Don’t believe me?   Do a Google search for “abortion services.”   Under the sponsored links, you will see a number of facilities that, on their face, look like they perform abortions.    When you click through, the website will still look like they deal with abortion.  “Pregnant?  Need Help?  Need Information about Abortion?” says one ad that I just checked.  Some of these facilities even select names that sound much like the actual abortion facility that might be right around the block.  The problem is the people in these facilities oppose abortion and they are intent on trying to convince a woman not to have one.

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of women have unwittingly gone to these facilities, thinking they would be getting some impartial information about their options.  Instead, they were suddenly subjected to a barrage of anti-abortion propaganda, from viewing a video on the “horrors” of abortion to being told that they would burn in hell if they had one. 

In response to a pro-choice lobbying effort years ago, the Yellow Pages established a new category called “Abortion Alternatives” and required organizations opposed to abortion to list their facility in that category.  Unfortunately, those same facilities are now using the Internet to lure women to their office and subject them to their propaganda.

I have absolutely no problems if pro-life people want to set up a facility that counsels against abortion.  That’s their right.  As long as they are up front with the women, I’m fine with their operations.  After all, if a woman wants to willingly listen to their arguments, that’s up to them.   Where I do have a problem is when they use deceptive advertising to make it appear as if they provide abortions. 

So, I guess up in the Baltimore area, the CPCs are still engaging in the same deceptive practices and the City Council has said that a CPC has to state clearly who they are and what they do.

And now the church is suing.

They’re suing because the City Council wants the CPCs to tell the truth.    Hmmmm…