Yesterday, the convicted murderer of Doctor George Tiller was sentenced to life imprisonment.  I am not going to mention that person’s name lest I give him the publicity he so badly craved. 

When he was sentenced, the murderer said that his action was responsible for saving “the lives of the unborn in Wichita,” where Doctor Tiller practiced.  That’s why he killed Doctor Tiller?   Because he thought he was “saving lives?”    Let’s think about this for a second.    

Since March 10, 1993, when Doctor David Gunn became the first abortion provider to be killed by a “pro-life” zealot, several other doctors and clinic staff have been killed.  After Doctor Gunn’s murder, a man named Paul Hill was suddenly on all of the talk shows saying that it was “justifiable homicide” to kill a doctor who was going to “kill babies.”  A small organization was actually formed touting the same nonsense.  Then, a year after Doctor Gunn was killed, the same Paul Hill murdered Doctor Baird Britton and his security guard in Pensacola.  Hill was convicted quickly and later was executed in Florida. 

Did any of these murderers really believe that, if they killed a doctor, it would stop abortions, that they would be “saving the lives of the unborn?”    Get real. 

A woman becomes pregnant and decides to have an abortion.   Chances are extremely high that, if she has a regular ob-gyn, that doctor does not perform abortions.  So, the woman picks up the Yellow Pages or does an Internet search for an abortion provider.  Ultimately, she makes the appointment. 

Then, the doctor who she was going to see that day is killed.  The woman might find out about it when she actually goes to the clinic but chances are that the clinic staff called her to tell her what happened.  The woman, who didn’t know the doctor, might feel sad, a little puzzled, but do you really think she suddenly decides to not have the abortion?   No, she starts the process all over again and makes an appointment at a different clinic.   She will ultimately have the abortion.

So, when people like Doctor Tiller’s murderer say they “saved babies,” they are being delusional. 

All they did was take one life and “saved” none.   And they call themselves “pro-life?”