As of yesterday, there is a new law in Nebraska that bans most abortions after twenty weeks.  This was done under the assumption that the fetus can feel pain at that stage.  The law will undoubtedly be challenged on the basis that it runs counter to Roe v Wade, the original Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in this country.  In that case, the Court basically said you cannot outlaw abortions until after 24 weeks. 

There is a good chance that this law will make its way to the current Supreme Court.   Of course, the Court could decide to not consider the case but the way things are going over there, there’s a good chance they will.   So, at that point, the Supreme Court will be deliberating over the issue of fetal pain.

Now, let me try to sort this one out.

In this country, the states can electrocute, gas or inject with poison a real, live person.  Yes, I know the argument in favor of such barbarity is that in (most) cases that person is a very bad person who committed some heinous crime.  So, that person must pay the ultimate price!  I get that piece.

But in Nebraska, a physician, who is acting solely at the request of the woman, cannot inject a drug called digoxin into a fetus/baby that is clearly alive but is also just floating around in the womb, unaware of what the hell is going on?

C’mon, let’s get real folks. 

Please do not tell me that the baby (I’ll use that term) is floating around in there, thinking about what it’s going to eat that night or what college it will go to.  Can pro-lifers say with a straight face that the fetus (equal time to pro-choicers) can see that needle coming down and feel it when it is injected?  Does the baby/fetus really feel that little pinch and realize that this is the end? 

The right to life movement (which polls show overwhelming support frying adult criminal) wants to outlaw abortions – period.   They will come up with any angle, any strategy to make it more and more difficult to obtain an abortion in this country.  This is just another way of going about that.  

Indeed, why did they begin at 20 weeks?   I thought “life” began at conception?   I thought it is a person from minute one?   If that is the case, why didn’t they go all the way back with this “it feels pain” argument?  

The way I see it, abortion is a form of maternal euthanasia.  It is a sad occurrence, one that no one willingly wants to face.  Much like the decision to euthanize a 90 year old parent, this is a very tough one that is not made willy-nilly. 

Don’t these politicians have anything more constructive to do with their time?