In a number of states, pro-life advocates are pushing for more regulations of abortion clinics. Their arguments make it sound like these clinics are running amok, that they do whatever they want free from any governmental interference. 

While they argue that they are merely insuring that the clinics are safe, these proposal are really designed to impose regulatory burdens on the clinic to the point where they simply cannot afford to remain open.   A few years ago, in the state of South Carolina, they passed a series of new rules that ultimately shut down two clinics. 

First of all, I find it ironic that opponents of abortion want to impose regulations on facilities that they are committed to closing down.   They are arguing that medical facilities that KILL BABIES need to be better regulated.  Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in that?  

Second, what the pro-life movement does not understand is that these clinics are already regulated by the state and federal government.  These clinics have to deal with OSHA, CLIA, HIPPA, and a lot of other acronyms – just like any other medical facility.    They have to deal with the Drug Enforcement Administration all the time.  They are subject to regular inspections.  Indeed, in the state of New York it is almost impossible to open up a new clinic anymore because of the stringent regulations.  So, let’s dismiss the notion that the abortion providers are running a medical facility free from any state or federal oversight. 

Third, over the years abortion providers have been very clear that they would be amenable to any other additional regulations if they were well thought out and not designed to just impose another burden on them.  They, like any other medical practice, want to avoid lawsuits, right?  So, if someone has a good idea, something that is actual constructive, they’d be open to that conversation.

Fourth, I find it interesting when pro-lifers make suggestions about the clinics when most of them have never even been inside of one!   I mean, it’s not like they took a tour, talked to the staff and used that experience to make some constructive suggestions.   No, they just assume that the clinics need more regulations.   Interesting.

Don’t give us any crap.  Just tell us you want to regulate the clinics to death.  I’d have more respect for you if you took that approach.