Mother’s Day…

I am not sure where I want to go with this one.  

I guess my first thought is to wish all of the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day.  My mother died years ago and, honestly, I didn’t care for her.  Check that – I hated her.  She was an alcoholic, abusive, you name it.   Several years after she died, however, I learned from my father that she had had electric shock treatment at a local institution and that made me look at her, posthumously, in a different light.  Okay, enough of my personal stuff.

Since this blog deals with abortion, my second thought is about those women out there who chose to abort their unwanted pregnancy.  Yes, some of them may have gone on to have other kids but I’m sure there are some out there who didn’t and yesterday they may have thought about the child that might have been.  It’s a sad situation and I feel for those who felt that an abortion was the necessary decision at the time. 

What bothers me, however, is that on some abortion-related websites a number of anti-abortion types took the occasion to post mean-spirited messages.  “Hope you take today to remember the child you killed,” said one.  “You could have been celebrating with your child today if you didn’t abort,” said another.   

To this day, I really do not understand how some who oppose abortion can be so mean to these women who made the (sad) decision to abort their child.  Why do they take out their knives, stick it in and twist it a few times?  They seem to have so much compassion and so many feelings for the fetus but when it comes to the women they can get downright mean.  Sometimes I really think they are getting off on being so mean.  I picture them going to church yesterday, then running home to their computer, getting on some Facebook page and writing nasty stuff to women who aborted.  

No doubt that some of it is a simple hatred of women.  Some of it is machismo, the desire to command and dominate women.   And, yes, some of it is the myopic love of that fetus.  They will fawn all over that fetus and strive to protect it, all the way to the point where it’s born.   But then, it’s adios amigas. 

Maybe they are just part of the larger trend in this country, which almost rewards being mean.  Just look at the Tea Party crap.  Yesterday, they engineered the defeat of a long-time Senator in Utah and one of the participants said he supported that effort because, during that Senator’s welcome speech, he “didn’t mention the Constitution.”   Are you kidding me?   You voted against him because he didn’t mention something?   I assume he didn’t mention cancer research either.  Does that mean the Senator supports cancer?   Maybe that’s not being mean.  Maybe it’s being down right stupid.  But in some ways I have to believe that the element within the anti-abortion movement that is mean-spirited was the forerunner of the Tea Party.