Perry Abortion

Perry Abortion

Okay, I admit it – I am actually starting to feel sorry for Rick Perry.

As you know, Texas Governor Rick Perry is one of the thousands of people vying for the Republican nomination for President.  Early in the process, he held back for a while to let the others do their thing, then with great fanfare he entered the race, figuring all of the others would step aside in his triumphant wake.  Well it didn’t work out the way he hoped it would.  A few gaffes here and there, a brain fart that went viral, a very bizarre speech in New Hampshire and his numbers dropped dramatically.

So, here we are just two days from the first test, the Iowa caucuses, and he is stuck in fourth or fifth place.  The Sword of Damocles is dangling precariously over his head.  So, a few days ago he figures he needs to do something dramatic to prove to those right wing nuts who basically run the caucus process that he is the really, really, true, consistent conservative in the race.  So, what better issue to stake out a claim then abortion?

Perry has been around politics for a long time so he has had to face the abortion issue in many capacities, particularly as Governor.  And, to his credit, he has been rather consistent.  He has always opposed abortions except if the mother’s life was endangered and in the cases of rape or incest.  No, don’t get me started on why it should be okay to “kill a baby” if the father is a rapist, but he has staked out that position for years.  Then, suddenly, a week before the caucus, Rick Perry has seen the light!  Praise the Lord!



Now he is saying, wait a minute, I don’t think abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest!  To what can we attribute this startling, pre-right-wing caucus conversion?   Well, Perry says now that he had a “change of heart” after watching a movie called “The Gift of Life.”  Reportedly, after the movie Perry “started giving some thought about the issue of rape and incest” and when he talked to “Personhood USA” spokeswoman Rebecca Kissling, who was featured in the movie, her story “pierced [my] heart.”  It seems that Ms Kissling was a product of a rape.

“We had a fairly lengthy and heartfelt conversation about how she was conceived in rape,” Perry said, “and I couldn’t come up with an answer to defend the exceptions.”

How convenient.  After all of these years, Perry has now decided to really think about this issue and, voila, he is now coincidentally taking the position that is supported by the radical anti-abortion crowd.  Later, to make his conversion even more “credible,” he added that he believed that “God was working in my heart.”  Always remember, it’s okay to change your mind on a fundamental issue like abortion, to have an affair or to commit any other sin as long as you then have the conversation with God and ask him to forgive you – unless, of course, you are a left wing liberal and then you are going straight to hell.

This one incident forces me to say something about Senator Rick Santorum, who is creeping up in the polls – at least he has been consistent.  He has always opposed abortion in cases of rape and incest and he has always been outspoken about his desire to outlaw abortion.  I don’t like it, but I have to respect his consistency.  And maybe that’s why he is picking up steam.  Maybe the conservatives are realizing that he is a very consistent conservative unlike Gingrich, Romney and Perry.

In the long run, however, forcing the Republican nominees way to the right is only good news for President Obama.  Right now, he is sitting there licking his chops, knowing that positions like Perry’s will only frighten the independents who will be so crucial in November.