I gotta be honest with you – I enjoy reading pro-life newsletters more than pro-choice newsletters.  The main reason is that the pro-lifers love to focus on what’s (supposedly) going on right there at the abortion clinics, so I get a chance to read about what some of my old friends are up to these days.  In fact, I recently subscribed to LifeNews.com and so far it’s been very interesting reading!

For example, I just learned that President Obama is so intent on increasing the number of abortions in this country that, at a recent pro-choice conference, he told the attendees that he “will never back down in promoting abortion.”  I wonder if that means we will soon see him wearing t-shirts promoting www.abortion.com, the website that is a directory of abortion clinics?  Then, in the very same newsletter I learned that Obama recently met with – dare I say it – officials from Planned Parenthood!  It seems that they were two of many people on a receiving line as the President exited from Air Force One to embark on a campaign tour in Florida.  Just think about all the juicy stuff they talked about in those ten seconds that they (maybe) had his attention.  What a great opportunity for these two officials to discuss how the President of the United States could get more women into those abortion clinics!

Finally, another item from this hard news service reported that the President “makes special arrangements to meet the heads of the local abortion business so they can continue pumping profits from abortions into funding his re-election campaign.”  Yes, the President has no doubt met with PPFA officials but if anyone can cite me an example of the President meeting privately with an independent abortion provider, I’ll buy you a beer.  Meanwhile, of course, the pro-life movement is pouring millions into the Mitt Romney campaign.

So, I was getting real excited about my new source of hard-hitting objective abortion news when, on my third day, I was brought back to reality.  You see, one of the main reasons I subscribed to LifeNews.com was because it was FREE.   And I guess it still is free but, bingo, on the third day I received the inevitable fundraising letter.

The hook was that Obama had just celebrated his birthday but, as LifeNews noted, he was not concerned about those poor little unborn babies who would not be celebrating their own birthdays.  “A child’s birthday party is a joyous occasion with friends and family, but too many will never see their first because President Obama is committed to keeping abortion legal for another 40 years by stacking the Supreme Court with more pro-abortion activists in a second term. We can’t let that happen!”  So, they asked me to send a gazillion dollars which (they don’t tell us) will first pay for staff salaries, then the rent, then their travel expenses, then the high priced consultants whose job is to raise more money and, THEN with the few pennies we have left we will fight to force women to see their child on the ultrasound machine before they go ahead with the abortion.  Yeah, that’s how we will save the unborn!

No doubt people will dutifully send their money.  They will take everything they just read as gospel, they will not question any of it and they will write their check to pay for the overhead of their national organizations.

I can’t wait for my next edition of LifeNews!