Abortion is legal – if you don’t like it, amend the Constitution.

Abortion is not wrong.

Abortion can be sad.

Abortion can be a difficult choice – but not always.

Abortion is a form of killing in that there is something alive in her body and after the abortion it is not alive.

Abortion doctors go to their office every day thinking they are helping women and knowing that they could be killed in an instant. Worse, they may think they are safe going to a church or a social function, but they are not.

Abortions in this country are decreasing.

Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures in the world but, because it is surgery, there is always the possibility that a woman could be harmed or even die.

Abortions cost almost the same as they did when abortion was legalized in 1973.

Abortion doctors are not getting rich and many clinics are closing because the number of patients is decreasing.

Abortion doctors have their personal limits in terms of how far in the pregnancy they will perform the abortion.

Abortion clinic staff believe they are helping woman and they also can be killed or maimed in an instant.

Abortion protestors mean well in that they truly believe they are “saving a life” and they have a right to express those views publicly.

Abortion clinics are for the most part clean and safe but there are some abortion clinics that should be shut down. There are also some abortion doctors who should have their licenses revoked.

Abortion protestors can be particularly ugly to women who are entering clinics but many of them just stand outside of a clinic and pray quietly.

Abortion can be prevented by abstinence, birth control and adoption.

Abortion advocates need to be more candid about the abortion procedure and anti-abortion advocates need to stop exaggerating the facts.

Abortion clinic counselors have different approaches to how much counseling a woman should get.