As a regular reader of, I was shocked when I opened their latest newsletter.

“Our office had been bombed!” screamed the headline. Oh, no, I thought to myself. Some pro-choice nut ball has finally gone off the deep end and blew up their offices. I was a little surprised that I hadn’t heard anything in the mainstream media. Even the normal left-leaning newspapers would have certainly carried the story of the first bombing of a pro-life facility, no?

I anxiously started reading, not looking forward to the information about the carnage, the destruction, the lives lost. And then once I got past the red exclamation points and the bold lettering, I got to the real story.

“No, we were not the victim of the kind of bombing you see on the nightly news that claims people’s lives and causes them to live in fear of terror. Instead, LifeNews has been the victim of pro-abortion glitter bombs.”

“Glitter bombs?”

WTF is a “glitter bomb?”

Well, according to this report, a glitter bomb is a letter that was sent to their offices and “when our staff opened the letters, glitter poured out and it went everywhere and made a huge mess.” They mentioned that several of these nasty life threatening devices had been sent over the last few weeks.

I have to say that I found it incredibly ironic that LifeNews said that they were not the target of the “kind of bombing you see …that claim people’s lives and causes them to live in fear of terror.” Phew, I certainly feel better about that. I mean, I certainly would not want the staff at LifeNews to live in fear like the dozens upon dozens of abortion clinics that were bombed over the decades. And I would never want them to experience the feeling of opening their front door in fear that the building might blow up or they would be hit with the dangerous scent of butyric acid. We would not want LifeNews staffers to have to check the bottom of their cars every morning for explosive devices or have to wear a bullet proof vest to work, would we?

As you probably have guessed right now, LifeNews used this horrifying incident to raise money. Yep, that’s what it always comes down to, doesn’t it? Their plea is that these “intimidating” acts are evidence that they have been an “effective force” in fighting the baby killers in our midst. So, despite living in constant fear of getting some glitter on their shirt, they will courageously press on with the cause which, of course, costs money. Please help us by sending $50, $100……….. You know the pitch.

Meanwhile, however, to be fair I could not ignore that a woman who police say threw some kind of Molotov cocktail at a group of women praying in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Austin was recently charged with aggravated assault. Fortunately, no one was injured. This nut ball was 52-year-old Melanie Toney and she was pulled over less than three miles away from the clinic. Lock her up and throw away the key for a while.