I’ve been a pro-choice advocate for many years. Whether it was as a lobbyist for the National Abortion Rights Action League or the Director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, I have been a rather visible persona in the pro-choice world. And, of course, I’ve heard every conceivable argument from both sides of this controversial issue.

And now, after all of these years, I’m finally convinced that I am actually pro-life. Let me explain:

I oppose the death penalty. It is certainly not a deterrent as evidenced by the fact that the rate of murders in this country has not gone down since we’ve had the death penalty. It’s also an uncivilized practice for any government to sanction;

I oppose the proliferation of nuclear weapons. I am old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis and how Russia and the United States came to the brink of annihilating the entire planet. I mean, how many missiles to we actually need?

I favor strict regulations on the possession of firearms. No, check that. If I could I’d outlaw them totally. And the Second Amendment be damned. Don’t get me started on this one. Guns are rarely ever used for defense, so I don’t buy the NRA’s crap about needing guns to defend ones home against the bad guys or, even sillier, the government. Just look at all the other governments that have banned guns and look at the murder rate. DUH.

I support programs that provide assistance to children in need, whether it is the SNAP program, Head Start, etc. I’d say Food Stamps and Welfare assistance, but I don’t think they use those terms anymore. I always found it interesting how Members of Congress who opposed abortion rights also voted to cut back funding for federal programs that helped young children lead a healthier and more successful life;

I support stem cell research because it will help lead to the discovery of new cures for many childhood diseases, not to mention adult diseases. And please don’t start whining about how those cells are “little people” for gosh’s sakes. Grow up, will ya?

I am an original investor in a medical device that will make it safer for obese women to deliver a baby. Right now obese women have a tougher time giving birth. This device will make that process much easier;

I run my own charity for needy children. To prove that I put my money where my mouth is, four years ago I formed a 501c3 organization here in the Alexandria area that provides financial assistance to children in need. That charity was featured last year in the Washington Post and we are expanding our services to other parts of the country. In essence, we fund “minor” items like prom tickets, glasses, field trip fees, Little League registration and other relatively inexpensive items that are nonetheless very important to that child’s self esteem.

And, oh yes, I support the right to legal abortion because I believe it actually saves the lives of women.