A few days ago, the Alabama House of Delegates sent a bill to Gov. Robert Bentley that would prohibit abortion clinics from operating near public schools.  The legislation would ban abortion facilities from building within 2,000 feet of public elementary or middle schools and prohibit the state health department from issuing or renewing a health center license to current abortion clinics within the same distance of the schools. If passed, the legislation could close the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives Services in Huntsville or at least force it to move.

State Sen. Paul Sanford, who sponsored the bill, previously said the measure will protect young children from the “chaos” that sometimes occurs around abortion facilities between protesters and abortion clinic patients and staff.  He added that “the abortion industry has a reputation of targeting young, vulnerable women and girls.”

Oy vey.

Well, this is obviously just another way to close an abortion clinic.  Guys like this Senator Sanford know that the American people do not want to make abortion illegal in this country but he and his cohorts continue to come up with clever ways to make it impossible to get an abortion.

When I heard this news, my first reaction was do children in elementary or middle school even know that building over there is an abortion clinic?  Heck, do they even know what an abortion is?   I think not.

Still, Senator Sanford would argue that the clinic workers are scouting around for kids to lure into their clinic for an abortion.  They’re hiding behind the curtains with binoculars looking for an 9 year old who looks like she’s pregnant.


Another argument by Sanford is that this law would protect young women from the “chaos” that occurs outside a clinic.  Interesting.  Uh, who the hell is causing that chaos in the first place?  Could it be the anti-abortion protestors who stand outside with their gross signs and megaphones?  If those folks just stayed home or, better yet, volunteered instead at the homeless shelter, would not the “chaos” disappear?

The arguments are ludicrous, of course but I gotta hand it to the anti-abortion movement.  Their national organizations have identified those states that have a majority of anti-abortion legislators and an anti-abortion Governor and they’re throwing everything at the blackboard to see what sticks (is that the right phrase?).  They don’t give a crap, of course, that the inevitable court cases will cost the taxpayers in their state a lot of money.  They just keep coming up with more and more creative ways to close or wear down abortion clinic owners.