Every once in a while, to get some good chuckles, I check in with LifeNews.com.  It’s a hoot.

In a recent edition, their feature story was about how a Planned Parenthood clinic supposedly called an ambulance and asked them to turn off their sirens and lights before they arrived.   The article suggested that the clinic did not want anyone to know that they had “botched another abortion.”

For the record, abortion is actually one of the safest medical procedures performed in the United States.  Having said that, it is surgery and some women can be injured, have a complication or even die.

The first thing that strikes me as funny about this article, however, is it suggests that the anti-abortion movement actually cares about the safety of abortion.  Indeed, that is one of their latest arguments – that legal abortion is not safe (and illegal abortion was safer?).  The fact is that the antis absolutely love it when a woman is injured – or even killed – at an abortion clinic because it gives them more ammunition – facts be damned.

But back to the sirens and lights.

Let’s assume that the clinic actually did ask the ambulance workers to turn off everything.  Do you know why they probably asked?  It’s because it would have alerted the anti-abortion activists outside the clinic and – we’ve seen it in the past – they would have started taking pictures of the patient being carted out on a gurney.  They don’t care about the privacy of the patient.  Indeed, in many cases those pictures wind up on some sick website.  Of course, if they can identify the patient they probably get a gold star from their head poo-bah.  They’ll do anything to try to prove their point.

So, if an abortion clinic asks the emergency personnel to try to be as private as possible, they are protecting the patient, not themselves.  The situation is already a bad one, the patient needs emergency care and the clinic workers don’t want to exacerbate an already delicate situation by giving absolute strangers the opportunity to harass and/or reveal the woman who needs help.

Thanks LifeNews.com for the good material!