I continue to be amazed at how the abortion issue is nowhere on the radar of the presidential candidates.

Sure, every once in a while Trump or Clinton might mention the Supreme Court and how a whole bunch of the justices are gonna die very soon.  Trump talks about how he’ll appoint justices who strictly interpret the Constitution, whatever that means.   And Clinton will say – well, I’m not sure what she says.  She just says the appointments will be important.    ZZZZZZ

The one thing that is kind of interesting is that Clinton has actually indicated her support for using taxpayer dollars to fund Medicaid abortions.  In fact, that issue (repealing the “Hyde Amendment”) seems to be the next rallying cry for the pro-choice movement.  While I appreciate look dram.  If you’re 30 years old right now, you’ll never live to see the day when Congress funds abortions for all women.  It’s a waste of time to expend energy on that one.

Indeed, I’m surprised that Trump is not bringing more attention to that issue.  If you read any poll there is hardly any support for paying for abortions for poor women.  Current law says that we will pay for an abortion in cases of life endangerment, rape and incest.  And, when I was working in the Congress I was actually the lead staff person who organized the effort to extend funding to rape and incest victims and it was not an easy task.  The point is that even many pro choicers draw the line when it comes to using their tax dollars to pay for abortions for poor people.

So why isn’t Trump making an issue of this??

And, by the way, why isn’t Hillary reminding people that Trump has said that we should jail women who’ve had abortions?

I’ve got no clue   You try to figure this out.

The other interesting thing is that it seems that the pro-life organizations have disappeared from the campaign.  I mean, I have not been to every campaign event but the sense I get is the pro-life activists are not out there at the rallies. I have not seen one commercial by a pro-life PAC, no signs in any of Trumps rallies.  Where are they?

What the frig is going on?