A SIGNIFICANT MAJORITY of Irish people want abortion legalised in cases of rape and fatal foetal abnormality but there is far less appetite for legalised abortion in all cases.

An IPSOS/MRBI poll published in today’s Irish Times quizzed people on their views on the Eighth Amendment ahead of the first meeting of the Citizens’ Assembly next week.

The assembly is due to consider a number of constitutional matters including the Eighth Amendment, which provides constitutional protection to the unborn.

Asked in the poll whether they supported a repeal of the Eighth Amendment, 55% were in favour of repeal in cases of rape and fatal foetal abnormality, 19% were in favour in all cases when requested by the woman (similar to the UK) and 18% were not in favour of a repeal.

Just 8% of people had no opinion on the issue.

The poll suggests that the vast majority of Irish people (74%) want Ireland’s abortion regime changed in some way.

The poll also found that men and women feel largely the same on the issue with women marginally more likely to favour keeping the Eighth Amendment.

In terms of political party allegiance, supporters of Fianna Fáil are the most likely (27%) to favour keeping the status quo.

Between 18-19% of supporters of the other three main parties, Fine Gael, Sinn Féin and Labour, also want to keep the Eighth Amendment.



Source: The Journal