A protester shouts slogans as Polish women have again donned black and taken to the streets, launching another round of protests against efforts to tighten Poland’s abortion law, in Warsaw, Poland, Oct. 23, 2016 (AP Photo)


Despite total abortion ban was rejected by MPs, new proposals emerged to tighten the law

Women in Poland are taking to the streets again. Polish activists have launched fresh demonstrations against new efforts to tighten abortion laws.

A rally was held outside the parliament building in Warsaw on Sunday, with more action, including boycotting jobs and classes is expected on Monday.

After mass country-wide protests,Poland’s parliament rejected a total ban on abortions on 6 October. However, fresh proposals emerged to outlaw abortions in cases where foetuses are unviable or have severe abnormalities.


Women are holding protest against Polish abortion laws at the parliament (Sejm) as a part of the ´black protest´movement (Getty Images)

This time Polish women are protesting under the slogans: “No to humiliation and violence against women,” “No to church in politics” and “Not to politics in education.”

Abortion was legal and easily available under communism in Poland, but after its fall, the country re-embraced many of its Catholic traditions. The current law, passed in 1993, bans most abortions, with exceptions only made in cases of rape, if the mother’s life or health is at risk, or in cases of severe foetal abnormality.

Official statistics show there were 1,040 legal abortions in Poland last year, although many more abortions are known to take place, with women travelling to neighbouring countries for the procedure or ordering abortion-inducing pills online.


Source: Ukraine Today