I’ve been trolling some of the pro-life blogs during this election season and recently there has been a spate (is that a word?) of posts about the “close relationship” between Hillary Clinton and Cecile Richards, the President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  You know – the group that has murdered or killed or extinguished gazillions of babies over the years.

At first I wondered if these pro-life bloggers were suggesting that Hillary and Cecile were like really, really close, like in that way – if you know what I mean.  Not that there would be anything wrong with that of course.  I mean, these blogs really had me wondering!  But as I dug deeper I discovered it was nothing that juicy.  No, it was just that they were “close” in a political, non gay sense.

I was stunned.  How dare the Democratic nominee for President be close to the head of a large pro-choice organization?  Did this mean that they might actually be talking to each other and, worse yet, strategizing over how to beat their pro-life opponent?   Is this the state to which our political institutions have sunk to?

As a former lobbyist (the Washingtonian Magazine actually named me one of the “Top 50 Lobbyists” in 1994), I have to laugh when all of these political candidates talk about how they are gonna fight the “special interests,” and how they will bar all of those scuzzy, slime ball lobbyists from their White House.  What a joke.

My long time experience in the world of political and legislative affairs tells me that EVERY elected official not only talks to lobbyists on a regular basis but relies on them for information and advice.  So, for example, during the heated debate over the “Partial Birth Abortion Ban,” the pro-choice legislators were looking for a way to cover their butts when it came to third trimester abortions.  So one of them came up with the idea of offering an amendment to the original bill saying all of those abortions would be banned except in cases of life endangerment and severe health reasons.  But before that proposal was officially floated to their pro-choice colleagues, that legislator first went to the pro-choice groups to get their opinion.  And the pro-choice White House was also in touch with them to make sure they were all on the same page.  In other words, they did not offer the amendment – which failed – in a vacuum.  At the same time their pro-life colleagues were consulting with the National Right to Life Committee and others to see how they felt about the amendment.

Interestingly, as a footnote, some pro-choice members of Congress voted against the pro-choice amendment – and the converse was true as well.

A President does not sit in his OR HER Oval Office with all the phones off.  No American would want it any other way.  These people are generalists – they are usually not experts on any issue.  So, if Hillary wins she is not just going to propose climate change legislation.  She is going to sit down with environmentalists and others to make sure she is proposing effective climate change legislation.  If Trump wins, he is not just going to reverse all business regulations.  He will first sit down with the Chamber of Commerce and other pro-business groups and get their suggestions about which regulations should be repealed.

So, stop all this crap about “fighting special interests.”  To be accurate, say you’re gonna fight all of those “special interests” who oppose you.  And let’s just let Hillary and Cecile be friends.