The Oct. 26 editorial “An antiabortion law defeated, at last” asserted that although antiabortion laws are being dismantled, abortion services remain vulnerable because “other onerous regulations apply.” The editorial board stated that women should have the right to an abortion and that the regulations in place to hinder access to abortions are unconstitutional. As a young woman, I agree that we should have access to abortion services, for the health of both women and their potential children. Abortion is a fundamental right for women because we should have control over what happens with our bodies.

It is ridiculous to consider the life of a ball of cells or an embryo to be equally as important as the life of a developed human. Most studies agree that fetuses do not feel pain until about the 20th to 30th weeks, but women who are denied abortions are more likely to develop mental-health problems and live in poverty. People should not be forced to provide for children they do not want, and children should not be forced to grow up in an environment where they are unwanted.

Abortion services are necessary and should be available to all women. We need to spread awareness about the need for access to abortion because it can affect anyone.


Source: Washington Post