The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who runs a clinic in the Midwest.  As always, I asked how things are going and he said “the number of women asking for the IUD is going through the roof.”  A few days later I saw a report confirming that women are looking for the IUD in record numbers.

Many say that the numbers are going up because women are concerned that when/if the Congress repeals Obamacare, then their birth control will not be covered by insurance.  Worse, they are concerned that Congress and Mr. Trump will outlaw birth control altogether – an unlikely event but enough to make some women nervous.  So, they are looking for the IUD to cover themselves as it is a form of birth control that can last for many years.

In timely fashion, the website has reappeared on the scene.  This site is the only website that is a directory of doctor’s offices that offer the IUD.  It’s a simple website – you just go in and enter your zip code and up come the offices that are near you that offer the device.  The manager of the site is now devoting a lot of time to increasing its visibility, using all kinds of Search Engine Optimization techniques that have already had great results.  This is great news for women out there who don’t have a regular Ob-Gyn and are looking for the IUD.

Check it out.  Spread the word!