This is ending a wanted pregnancy.  This is late-term abortion. It was not wanted. It was not a ‘way out’. It was not birth control.”

A DEVASTATED mum has shared the story of her “late-term abortion” to silence critics who don’t believe in a woman’s right to choose.

Lindsey Paradiso, a photographer based in Virginia, was delighted when she learned she would be having a baby with her husband, Matt.

The couple were delighted when they learned they were having a baby, but the pregnancy ended in heartbreak

But the pregnancy ended in heartbreak, after Lindsey discovered at 18 weeks that something wasn’t right with her daughter Omara.

A routine ultrasound revealed a mass on the baby’s neck, which doctors believed was a rare tumour called a teratoma.

The devastated mum continued with the pregnancy, in the hope that doctors could operate at 27 weeks to remove the tumour and safely deliver the baby, once it had grown enough to survive the procedure.

To the couple’s horror, scans revealed that the baby’s tumour was aggressively growing

But weeks later it became apparent that this was no longer an option, when an MRI scan confirmed that the tumour had tripled in size and was growing all over her baby’s body.

Checking with doctors all over the state revealed that the chance of Omara’s survival had plummeted to less than 1%, with the tumour aggressively growing in her brain.

Doctors believed that the tumour would kill Omara before she reached 27 weeks, at which point the growth would be too large for Lindsey to give birth without surgery.

The couple live in one of many American states with restrictive laws on abortion.

Lindsey said: “I was willing to risk never having kids again with the procedure if it meant Omi could survive, but now that we knew she would probably die before viability, the thought of also being infertile was too much for us.”

The couple chose to have a lethal injection administered to the baby, at which point labour could be induced.

After an induced and painful labour, Lindsey gave birth to her daughter in hospital.

Lindsay said: “Our hospital couldn’t do it, so we traveled about an hour away — and we were lucky, because a lot of parts of Virginia are very restrictive.

“I was in labour for 40 hours, it was so painful and exhausting but I wanted to deliver my daughter so I could hold her and say goodbye.”

Like many American states, Virginia has restrictive abortion laws, which mean it can be hard for women to terminate pregnancies without exceptional circumstances.

The couple had a lethal injection administered before labour was induced

Fearing that reproductive rights would be threatened further under pro-life Donald Trump’s Presidency, Lindsey found the courage to share her story in an attempt to clarify what late-term abortion really is.

A viral Facebook post, which she recently re-shared, details her heartbreaking story, complete with photos of her daughter after the procedure.

Lindsey wrote: “This is ending a wanted pregnancy.  This is late-term abortion.

“It was not wanted. It was not a ‘way out’. It was not birth control.

“The government does not belong here.”

Lindsey’s story went viral after she shared her experiences on Facebook

Lindsey shared her heartbreaking story to raise awareness of the need for more reproductive rights

Source: The Sun