Abortion Definitions

Using a well know resource, Steadmans Medical Dictionary on can come up with the following medical terms are used to categorize abortion:

A. Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage): An abortion due to accidental trauma or natural causes. Most miscarriages are due to genetic abberations or errant duplication of the chromosomes (genes); they can also be caused by environmental factors, such as toxixs.

B. Induced abortion: Induce Abortion is what we are most familiar with in the public discussion and has been a contentious issue. This type of Abortion has been caused by a deliberate human action. Induced abortions are further subcategorized into therapeutic and elective:
1. Therapeutic abortion: An abortion performed either…
i) to save the life of the pregnant woman
ii) to preserve the woman’s physical or mental well being and health
iii) to terminate pregnancy that would result in a child born with a congenital disorder that would be fatal or associated with significant morbidity
iv) to selectively reduce the number of fetuses to lessen health risks associated with multiple pregnancy.

C. Elective abortion: Abortion performed for any other reason. In common usage, the term “abortion” is synonymous with induced abortion. However, in medical texts, the word ‘abortion’ might exclusively refer to, or may also refer to, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage).

72 Responses to “Abortion Terms”

  1. Chuck Says:

    You can have every instance that make of the 5% as I referenced previously, what about the rest of them, the 95% of the killings/murders? These shouldn’t happen and should be against the law.

    My wife and I had 3 tubal’s and these types are included with the 5% of murders. Yes, it’s murder not a procedure, yes my wife could of died and we choose her over the tubal and at the same time, when she finally gave birth she told me to save the child and let her die if there were complications and I would of done what she asked.

    MIRA do agree with me that 95% of the killings, murders, abortions taking place every day shouldn’t be happening? Can you provide me a yes or no answer?

    I’ve already provided and agreed that 5% of the above are legitimate and I fall into that category myself.

    Here’s the 5% –

    1% are performed because of rape or incest;
    Another 1% because of fetal abnormalities;
    Another 3% due to the mother’s health problems

    95% are done as a means of birth control.

    If you can’t answer my question with a yes or no then I’m done providing my comments. If you answer no then I can’t understand why Pro Baby killers exist.


  2. Gemma Says:

    Killing is the act of ending a viable life. A fetus would no necessarily survive outside the womb. Abortion is not always to be considered killing.


  3. Andrew Says:

    Gemma, your statements are self-contradictory. The definition of the word kill is “to deprive of life in any manner; cause the death of;”. Science defines the creation of human life as being at conception. What is there at conception is a unique individual of the species homo sapiens, because the DNA is fully formed. Human life comes from somewhere. How valuable is human life? Depriving human life is killing. Abortion deprives a human being from being able to have the only right they should have: the right to life. All human rights presume this right, which abortion does away with.

    Also, your opinion does not consider that medical diagnoses of viability are often wrong. Abortion is legal in all 9 months of pregnancy in the US. Roe v. Wade guarantees it. There are many babies who actually survive an abortion attempt as well.

    If gestational age is an acceptable criteria to deprive the right to life of a human being, then this is prejudice no different than prejudice based on race, gender or nationality. The killing of at least 1.4 million babies a year in the US (1 in every 4 pregnancies), and 8 million a year in Russia (more than half their pregnancies), and who knows how many in the rest of the world, can be called nothing else but genocide. All human beings can affect other human beings. Finding abortion an acceptable practice means you think there is no problem with these results.


  4. Katt Says:

    For the comments about abortion being ok if the woman was raped, its not the babys fault they were created, no matter how that was. the baby does not deserve to die because the man who created it did something horrible.


  5. Rose Sebastian Says:

    Abortion is just a nasty word, God put us on this earth for a reason and it was not to kill a child or any other human being.
    Abortion is murder to a child that was not wanted by his or her parents, and it is just plain wrong, there are people that cannot have children, but yet there are people willing to kill a child instead of giving it up for adoption. ABORTION IS MURDER!!!!


    1. Cut Says:

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  6. if you think you don’t have the courage to bear a child then do not engage in something you can not stand for.. Abortion is totally disgusting…..


    1. Elena Carvin Says:

      What about a pregnancy in the tube, can it be aborted if abortion is always wrong?


      1. rogelio Says:

        if there is a situation where the lives of both the mother and baby are at risk, every effort must be made to save both lives.

        if, in the case of a tubal pregnancy, the baby dies, it is not considered an abortion. it is a secondary effect of an attempt to save the mother’s life.

        catholic teachings aren’t as draconian as some people want to believe


  7. annie Says:

    I’m trying to understand the logic (or lack thereof).According to the Planned Parenthood website, abortions should be safe, effective, and rare. I have yet to see the rare part. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Guess what? SEX CAN GET YOU PREGNANT!!! So, if you’re engaging in it, be prepared for the consequences. I don’t believe abortions should be illegal, we’ve come too far since the back alley and the coat hanger, which seems more like the Dark Ages then modern medicine. But, it would be great if abortions did become rare.
    Also, I am the proud mother of a 2 year old and the second I saw her tiny heart beating inside her tiny body at her 8-week ultrasound, I was in love and would do absolutely anything to protect my beautiful little girl.


  8. ari100x Says:

    Keep up the good work! 🙂


  9. haley Says:

    i’m 15 years old. me and my boyfriend made a mistake. we decided to have an abortion. we knew we couldnt endure that kind of responsibility. yes it may be wrong but i regret it everyday and you people make it that much worse i hope someone beats the crap out of you for saying its wrong or murder. you people are stupid. what if your child got pregnant at age 15? what would you do?


    1. rogelio Says:

      haley, i can help you!



      1. Pat Richards Says:

        Rogelio: note that she wrote a few years ago, but thanks for chiming in. Isn’t Rachels Vineyard an anti-abortion site? If so, in the future you might be more upfront about your intentions when you say you’re ready to help. Thanks for chiming in, however!


  10. ashley Says:

    i dont know what to do. i am pregnant by a man that is worthless and cant even take care of the two kids he has. i am 19 he is 20. i am the third woman he has gotten pregnant…..


  11. paulneedzafriend Says:

    I think it’s obvious that people will stop arguing about abortion and the like once they accept the
    SCIENTIFIC FACT that humans are a polygynous species meant to live in harems.
    I suggest you read ” Humans Belong in Harems (The Truth is Finally Out)” and ” But Is Harem Life Natural for Humans? “to find out the facts about human sexuality and reproduction.


  12. Ciekawa strona, dodalem ja do ulubionych, zapraszam do odwiedzenia mojej


  13. Pam Says:

    Haley and Ashley,

    Being a mother is the greatest feeling in the world. It’s not something you can just explain. As soon as you see the first ultrasound or hear the heartbeat for the first time, is amazing how you can fall in love with someone so fast.

    First Haley,
    I got pregnant 2 months before I turned 17 (not purposely). As soon as I found out, there was no question in my mind, I had to grow up and get a job to take care of my precious daughter. No one would have been able to change my mind. I have been raised that abortion is murder. It’s not letting someone have a chance to live a life like you have. I have always believed that if you lay there for the sex be prepared to take responsibility don’t abort it. And if my daughter gets pregnant I will expect her to do the same.

    Now Ashley,
    My daughter, who I mentioned to Haley, had a worthless dad. She is now 3 and guess what, her dad is still worthless(that relationship didn’t work). At 17 I managed to give her what she needed. I am now 20, married to the greatest man, I have a beautiful daughter and a handsome 19 month old son. I manage taking care of my kids, online college courses, cooking, cleaning, and spending time with my husband and kids. I am sure you can manage a baby at 19.

    I might have had my children young but I wouldn’t change anything about my life. I love them too death. I couldn’t imagine being without them.


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  16. Gloira Z Says:

    Abortion advocacy so women may chose to have an abortion is essential. We cannot deviate.


  17. harriet Poitncasaire Says:

    Great abortion blog,
    best commentary on web!


  18. Anonymous Says:

    It is the best Abortion blog on the web, thank you for your accolades. More abortion information that is factual here than anywhere else.


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