Abortion Pill – RU486
The abortion pill has been available in the United States for over a decade. Like surgical abortions, it is a safe option that many women consider each year.

The abortion pill is commonly known by several other names:    RU 486, Mifepristone, Mifeprex, non-surgical abortion or medical abortion.

Actually, the “abortion pill” is a misnomer as it really is a combination of two medications, mifepristone and misoprostol.   It is safe and effective when used within nine weeks of pregnancy.  Your doctor will explain to you how the abortion pill works in more detail but generally when you take the mifepristone it blocks the hormone progesterone levels that are needed to maintain a successful pregnancy.

Abortion Pill

Abortion Pill

Due to the blockage of this hormone, the uterine lining begins to shed, the cervix is softened and bleeding (an indication of abortion) may occur.  The bleeding may be light much like spotting towards the end of a menstrual period or heavy. In some cases, you may experience no bleeding until you take the second pill, which is the misoprostol.  Misoprostol will be taken orally or inserted vaginally within 48 hours of taking the mifepristone. It causes uterine contractions (cramps) and expels the uterine contents from the body.

Abortion Pill

Abortion Pill

The abortion pill is not recommended if you have certain medical conditions such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, bleeding problems or hypertension or if you use an intra-uterine device. It is ineffective in the case of ectopic pregnancy.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has found that 95 women out of every 100 have aborted successfully with the intake of the abortion pill in the first nine weeks of pregnancy.  Moreover, with the abortion pill, the risk of infection is very low and maternal death is virtually non-existent.

The abortion pill is provided through a doctor’s office or clinic.  Many women choose the pill to avoid surgery. Others feel that using the abortion pill is more private because they can end their pregnancy at home. Some feel that it is more natural than a surgical abortion.  In addition, you must be able to commit to two or more visits to the clinic.

Abortion Pill

Abortion Pill

To see a list of clinics that offer the abortion pill go to:





93 Responses to “Abortion Pill”

  1. Jennry R Says:

    Thank you that was informative.


    1. Arny Says:

      Abortion Pill is a wonderful safe alternative to safe surgical abortion.


      1. Tim Says:

        The abortion pill is very safe, we studied it in school.


        1. Leane Says:

          I took the Abortion Pill and it was not a trouble at all. The Abortion Pill worked very nicely for me.


          1. Melissa Says:

            We need the Abortion Pill in Argentina.

            We need the Abortion pill in most of south America.


            1. Dr. Carter, CA Says:

              This is a nicely done abortion blog. I routinely prescribe the Abortion pill to my patients that need it.


            2. Lisbeth Says:

              The Abortion Pill Should always remain legal.


            3. Deidre A Says:

              I also used the Abortion pill and it was fine.
              No problems at all.


            4. Elly Says:

              I just used the Abortion Pill last week.

              My abortion was easy and now I feel so much relief and can get on with my life.

              My priest raped me.
              Elly is not my real name.
              Then the church wanted me to keep the baby!

              I have lost all my faith in the church!


      2. tinia Says:

        I am glad I was able to use the Abortion pill.
        Everyone, the abortion pill is really safe and easy. Don’t let anyone lie to you about how easy it is to take the abortion pill if you need to.


      3. Vncent Says:

        The abortion pill saved my life a few times!

        I am so glad that when contraception fails the abortion pill is a good alternative for women when they decide it is right for them!


    2. Amy Says:

      I took the Abortion Pill, no problems, no side effects to the abortion. I feel great now!


    3. Amy Rudneck Says:

      Apparently the Abortion pill can come in many forms.
      Abortion pill is really just a subset of a method to perform an abortion. Abortion pills can be mifepristone, Mifeprex is this Abortion pills brand name. There are probably more brand of this molecule to come out in the future.

      Misoprostal is typically used in conjunction with the abortion pill, but can be an abortion pill on it’s own. It has a brand name of Cytotec.

      Using it by itself is not as comfortable as the combination.

      Methotrexate also can be a very good abortion pill, and it will melt away a tubal pregnancy as well, and can cure a few cancers! Not in the low dose of the abortion range.

      Methotrexate can be an Abortion Pill as well.


      1. Lily Says:

        The abortion pill was easy. I’m glad the abortion pill can come in many forms, it saved me!


        1. Tim Says:

          Glad to hear you had a positive experience with the Abortion pill.


          1. Pat Richards Says:

            It is a good option for many women, but not for all


    4. Tx for the Abortion Pill doctor text link, that was helpful for my girlfriend to get a good abortion provider for the abortion pill.


    5. Tracy Says:

      The Abortion Pill is a wonderful alternative if you desire the Abortion pill instead of surgery.


    6. Dr. Abruzzo Says:

      This is important information on the Abortion Pill.

      I am definitely going to pass this URL on.


    7. Mary Ann Says:

      The abortion pill is wrong.


      1. Pat Richards Says:

        Why do you say that, mary Ann?


    8. Cesar Says:

      Thankfully the Abortion Pill was FDA approved for use in the US. It is safe and effective.


    9. Carly H., CA Says:

      The Abortion Pill worked very well for me


  2. Meg Harrison Says:


    Are you going to talk about the several women who have already died from taking the pill, like at that clinic in Tennessee?


    1. Elena Carvin Says:


      1) There is no evidence that the pill (methotrexate, misoprostol, Mifeprex, RU486, Mifepristone, Morning After Pill? Which pill do you speak of?) has caused any of the 5-6 deaths during the time of abortion out of over 10,000,000 uses of the pill.

      2) Even if it did it would me safer than an M & M.
      More people have choked on candy and died 1,000x over

      3) Please educate

      4) Site the literature


  3. Beth Ann Says:

    Well Meg there it is,
    no reply?

    Tongue tied?

    Do educate, when one speaks from ignorance it harms us all, especially when you vote with ignorance.


  4. James K Says:

    another uneducated prolifer
    Abortion pill is safe.
    The abortion pill is excellent, and tha abortion pill or shot can take care of a tubal pregnancy.


  5. James K Says:

    Abortion pills have been well studied,
    the abortion pill is safer than driving to get the abortion pill!


  6. Meg Harrison Says:

    Did not a woman die at a clinic in Nashville right after the abortion pill was put on the market? Did not a woman die at a clinic in San Francisco a few years later? And speaking of dying from surgical abortions, did not a woman die at the Hope Clinic for Women in the late 90’s? Did not Doctor Tommy Tucker lose his license and ultimately go to jail because a woman died in his Birmingham, Alabama clinic?


  7. Sheilla Says:

    DO you know anything about abortion, or anything about anything?

    People die in Dentists offices.
    Almost no one dies from an abortion. Abortion has been studied in tens of thousands of Journal Articles.

    Few, die in dentists offices, but they do.
    A lot more than those getting abortion. Should we outlaw dentists?

    The Abortion Pill, has had less than 1 death/1,000,000,000 Abortions associated. Not caused by Abortion Pill – if you do not know the difference, learn, you sound stupid when you talk about Abortion and do your cause harm.

    Site the literature. Speak about Abortion with Abortion data.

    Come on, this abortion topic is well known.

    I would choose another one if you do not believe in Abortion. This one even the Pope agrees it is safer.

    You can make a better discussion about abortion than the one you are trying.

    Meg, what do you say?


  8. Latisha Says:

    Abortion pill is very safe.
    I used the abortion pill and it was like a bad period.

    Meg you don’t know what you are talking about, what you say about abortion pills are just wrong.


    1. Youngjoon Says:

      No. The bible tells us that we should not bualequelnyy yoked together with unbelievers. You’re setting yourself up for a fall if you do. There are those who pretend to be believers just to get your blessings and then they chrush everything you try to accomplish. If they do not confess that Christ is Lord ( in action not just word) you will suffer greatly, if you do not fallow this principal Marriage is hard enough with believers because of the differences and weaknesses of the flesh, don’t add to this. Light has no communion with darkness. Let not the two become one flesh.God Bless


  9. Latisha Says:

    Meg, will you give an intelligent reply about the abortion pill?


  10. Todd Says:

    Abortion pills are safe.
    Abortion pill is a Women’s choice.


  11. Todd Says:

    Abortion pill
    Still no reply from Meg.


  12. Lisa M Says:

    Meg won’t reply about the abortion pill cause she is wrong, and is an anti abortion pill robot brain just parroting what other people tell her about abortion instead of finding the truth.

    And she will try and vote away a Womens legal right of choice from the perspective of ignorance.


  13. Lauren Catterman Says:

    Abortion pills are so safe. Takes 10 minutes of reading about abortion to get it.

    I am in a class at a Midwestern Large University, know for Conservative leanings-
    the reality- most young conservatives, like myself get it. Abortion is OK.
    Abortion pills are safe.


  14. Elena Carvin Says:

    Abortion pills are safe. Apparently as no one refutes that fact.


  15. Arny Says:

    These prolifers are nutty!
    And I am one myself, I am creeping myself out!


  16. Amy Says:

    Abortion is legal, the ABortion Pill should always remain a medical alternative to surgical abortion.


  17. Pat Richards Says:

    I’m confused, Amy. Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Thanks for chiming in!


  18. Asmith Riker Says:

    It appears to me she is pro choice? Where is the ambiguity?

    We took the Abortion pill, and it worked beautifully. Althought it was a shot so I am a little confused why they called it the abortion pill.


  19. Pat Richards Says:

    In post #15 she says she is prolife.

    And, Asmith, the shot you got was methotrexate, it was not the “abortion pill”


  20. Linda Cohen Says:

    I am thankful that The Abortion Pill is available.

    Although if I had an unwanted pregnancy I’d prefer a quick and safe and short suction procedure.


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